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The students, staff and administration of McKay Creek Elementary School thank you for visiting our website.

September 2023

Dear Mustang Families & Students,

As the proud principal of McKay Creek Elementary School, I would like to welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year. McKay is Mustang Mighty and boasts a reputation of rigor, engagement and kindness. It is nestled near McKay Creek and stables approximately 250 Mustangs grades first through fifth. McKay has phenomenal teachers who practice instructional excellence, respond to the needs of all students, and who are innovative. They promote high expectations for active learning while increasing emotional awareness, self-management, and leadership skills in all students. We have incredible educational assistants, custodial staff and specialists who are dedicated to meeting students where they are and identifying and addressing the learning needs of all students through enrichment and student-specific interventions in math, reading, and writing.

The entire staff and I are excited to have the opportunity to team with you and your child and to provide a safe space where all students belong, succeed, learn, and grow. Pendleton School District will send messages to families using School Messenger or Remind, and the webpage and Facebook are also great resources for updates and information.

McKay’s family and community are dedicated to establishing a safe, nurturing environment in which each student experiences success in learning and positive self-esteem. We hold the interest of children at the heart of all decision-making. We nurture, instruct, and encourage our students to become lifelong learners capable of maximizing their potential as responsible, productive citizens. In addition, we value the cultures and experiences of every household and welcome you to be a part of our school family.

It is a pleasure and honor to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to every student and family as the school year begins. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas, our door is open, and we are here to listen. As a staff, we look forward to joining you in this exciting partnership.

Sherri Kilgore
Office Phone: 541-966-3000

Sherri Kilgore

Sherri Kilgore – Principal