School Celebrates with Assembly

round up princesses at assembly

For the first time this school year, all McKay students and staff were together on Thursday, September 5th for the Back-to-School Assembly. They were joined by some special guests – the 2019 Round-Up Court and 2019 Happy Canyon Princesses.

After starting with the Pledge of Allegiance, the students enthusiastically greeted Bucky, the school’s horse mascot. Then they received instructions from Patti Thorne, the school’s Child Development Specialist, about assembly behavior. Thorne said Bucky was glad to be back at school after a long summer of eating hay. Bucky demonstrated for students the rules for assemblies, including sitting cross legged and clapping appropriately.

Then, all the princesses came forward to talk about Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon. Two of them, Round-Up Princess Mallory Walters and Happy Canyon Princess Kayla Fossek, both went to McKay and acknowledged some of their teachers still in the school.

McKay students then asked questions of the Court, like “What’s your favorite part of Round-Up?” One princess answered “the grand entry with the American flag at each day’s rodeo”. A student asked, “What’s it like to ride a horse?” and Princess Walters said “It’s like flying!”

The last part of the assembly was “branding” three new staff members with a large “M” dusted in chalk on their back. Two new teachers and one new classified staff member were celebrated by Principal Lorena Woods.

“We are so excited today to have the Princesses help us welcome back our students and start a great year of learning together!" Woods said.

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