District Reviews Plans for Potential McKay Situation

emergency plan words on a desk

The Pendleton School District is working in cooperation with local agencies and officials to monitor the situation in the McKay Creek Elementary School area. 

In the event that flood waters rise and McKay School needs to be evacuated, the Pendleton School District has reviewed the Evacuation and Reunification plans with all staff.

At this time, we would like to remind parents, that if the plans are put into effect:

  1. Please remain calm.
  2. Information and updates will be posted on the McKay website & Facebook page AND the District website & Facebook page.
  3. Please wait for specific instructions. Do not drive to the school.
  4. Make sure the Emergency Contact Information for your student is updated.
  5. If Reunification occurs, BRING YOUR PHOTO ID to pick up your student.

Thank you.

McKay School & District Staff

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